covering a concrete front porch

How to Cover Concrete Steps with Wood

Building wood steps over concrete steps made a huge impact for our farmhouse front porch renovation. Learn the process and materials we used to complete this project. Covering concrete steps with wood

Can I paint or put stone over an old concrete porch

Can I paint or put stone over an old concrete porch? If I had to guess, thats about the time the prior owners poured our front porch. The thing is, no one likes the look of a concrete porch, so Im often getting asked how do we make it look better? Here are some approaches and what I see as the pros and cons of each:

Covering An Existing Concrete Porch With Wood

My brother and I only got halfway done with what I had hoped to accomplish yesterday, but we learned a lot along the way. The big picture goal here is that Ill be covering my existing concrete front porch with wood so that I can stain it and it will look like a traditional wood front porch.

Porch flooring options

If you are building your screened porch on top of a concrete pad, you can use the concrete as your flooring and cover it with a nice rug. Porch floor 4: The floor below uses concrete pavers. Youll notice there are no mortar joints. Porch floors 5, 6, and 7: The next 3 pictures are pictures of cypress porch floors.

How to Cover Concrete Front Porch Steps with Wood

Porch Around The House House Front Porch Steps Front Steps Concrete Front Porch Front Porch Stairs Concrete Patio Front Deck Front Porches DIY: Building a Deck on Concrete - will need if we ever extend the porch around the house to make it all uniform wood decking.

Concrete Porch Steps

Concrete Porch Steps Concrete porch steps - paint 'em, stamp 'em, stain 'em, add texture, tile, or add aggregate. Versatile and almost maintenance free, concrete steps are the perfect option for many front porches.

How to Cover a Concrete Patio With Pavers The Family

As craters, cracks and stains accumulate, it can go from dull to downright ugly in just a few years. But theres a simple solution, whether you want to dress up a bland patio or hide an aging one. Covering concrete with paver bricks is much easier than pouring new concrete or laying pavers the traditional way.

How to Give a Tile Facelift to an Ordinary Concrete Porch

How to Give a Tile Facelift to an Ordinary Concrete Porch. If you have a plain concrete porch, consider laying tile to give it a whole new look. Cost $ $ $ The first phase of a front-porch restoration is to complete construction of the porch floor, including support and decking. Here's how to do it.

Installing over a Concrete Slab AERATIS PORCH FLOORING

Installing over a Concrete Slab Aeratis can be installed over concrete to and can convert a cracked concrete mess into a beautiful traditional front porch. If you do not have the space under the door to add a sleeper system, review the direct to concrete installation instructions under the resources tab on the right hand side.

How to Install Tile on a Concrete Patio or Porch

Here are 7 steps to help you install tile on an exterior concrete slab surface, like on your home's patio or porch. How to Install Tile on a Concrete Patio or Porch Faux Brick/Faux Stone

How to Finish a Concrete Porch in a Decorative Way Home

4 Lay Pavers Over a Concrete Front Porch; the overlay acts like a sofa cover for your porch. Prepare the porch by removing all dirt, grease and oil and fill in large cracks. An existing

Rip and Lisa Covering a Front Porch with Brick Pavers

Rip and Lisa covering a front porch with brick pavers - join us at for more Or

21 Best Front Porch Flooring Options: Outdoor, Covered

21 Best Front Porch Flooring Options: Outdoor, Covered, Wood and More Front porches have traditionally been used as a way to greet people coming to your home, and is a great place to put some outdoor furniture and sit on a nice summer evening. concrete is obviously a durable material and that doesnt change just

Best 25 Concrete porch ideas on Pinterest Stained

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How to Cover an Old Porch With New Tiles Home Guides

1. Lay your level across the surface of the porch and look for high or low spots. Sand or plane high spots on wood porches and grind high spots or clumps of cement on a concrete porch.

How to Fix Up an Entrance how-tos DIY

Prefab means that the concrete was poured to a form, and then delivered onsite. All prefab steps have a lip that goes around the front and the sides. In this case, the lip is badly worn and chipped. Because you'll want your surface to be as even as possible before covering it with the new stone, that lip will have to go.

Front Porch Designs

Mimic brick. It's easy to give your concrete porch the look of traditional hand-laid brick, and often at a lower cost and with less effort. For newly placed concrete, you can imprint the brick pattern with a stamp learn more about stamped concrete .Or you can cover existing concrete with an overlay and use stencils for the brick pattern see the step-by-step process .

More Front Porch Progress Building A Wood Porch Over An

Part 1 Covering an Existing Concrete Porch With Wood; Part 2 Wood Front Porch Progress; But the nutshell version is that Im building a wood porch over my existing concrete front porch. So to do that, I had to install wood risers using pressure treated 2 x 4s rated for ground contact ripped to the correct height to level the final

How to Clad Concrete Steps in Stone This Old House

Overhaul your boring concrete porch with bluestone and natural-stone veneers. Step Fifteen // How to Clad Concrete Steps in Stone. outward. Check for an equal overhang on the sides and for level side to side. You want a very slight slope toward the front, to shed water, but no more than 1/16 inch per foot. Working out from the center