how to cut edge of decking

Seven decades of Lockheed Skunk Works aircraft pictures

The Nazi military machine was making notable progress developing a jet-powered fighter, a cutting-edge technology with the potential to give the Germans an edge in the battle for air superiority

The Most Chilling Moments From AMC's Horror Show, The

In Episode 4's creepiest scene, Hickey creeps along the deck of the Erebus towards a mysterious figure seemingly leaning over the edge of the ship. As he reaches out to touch the figure, the body

America's most-cutting edge aircraft carrier comes to life

The Gerald R. Ford CVN 78 is the Navy's most cutting-edge aircraft carrier ever, built using a 3D product model, and designed to boost the number of planes it can launch and recover by 25

The Navy's next-generation destroyer photos

The third Zumwalt. The Zumwalt class will feature three ships: the USS Zumwalt--DDG 1000, the USS Michael Monsoor--DDG 1001, and the as yet named DDG 1002, seen here in an artist's rendering.

Are TVs really cheaper than ever? We go back a few

It is to TVs what the Porsche 959 was to cars: cutting-edge technological brilliance that was too far ahead of its time to last long. Though I assume Pioneer hoped to make Kuros far longer than

Quote-tweeting conspiracy theories can make matters worse

Taking a screenshot of the tweet you're criticizing may be a more effective way to reference it without giving the post a social boost -- you're cutting off engagement to the original source.

Two ways to get Facebook Messenger on your desktop

Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET For the Mac user who doesn't want to tie up a browser tab for Messenger, there is the Messenger for Mac app.

HP's Omen is about as good-looking as 17-inch gaming

HP Omen 17. This is the 17-inch HP Omen, a laptop you can deck out with a Nvidia GeForce 1070 from $1,600.

Meet the US Navy's new $13 billion aircraft carrier

The first cut of steel . The building of a 90,000-ton warship always begins with a single cut. Pickell and the rest of the flight deck crews of the PCU Gerald R. Ford wear color-coded uniforms