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You can also limit the space you dedicate to natural grass by including walkways, flowerbeds and plant borders in your landscape design. Limiting your lawn space, or replacing a grass lawn completely, can help you lower your water bill, save time on maintenance and limit the chemical products required to keep your yard looking great.

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The How To Guide For Mounting Pergolas To Any Surface

Any pergola post can be anchored to a wood surface with 90 degree strap brackets. There are a few additional considerations before screwing into the post and into the deck. First, be sure you are screwing into the decks beams, not the decks boards. If a beam is not located where you want a post, put a 2X6 flat under the deck boards such

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How to Build a Pergola for Backyard Shade. A pergola also known as an arbor can be an elegant entranceway over a path, a quiet place to sit, or a frame for vines to climb over a deck or

Thatch pergola roofing BUILD

Other materials like st, willow branches, rushes and some species of grass can also constitute thatching material. These days thatching is normally made from a renewable resource, and is one of the greenest solutions to choose when selecting a roofing material. What function does thatch pergola roofing serve?

can you put a pergola on the grass -

Pergola Design Ideas. A pergola structure can be as wide as you like, as long as its built with enough beams to support the roof. The minimum height of a pergola should be no lower than 76 to provide enough head room, though most projects call for a range of 8-10 in height.

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Building a pergola is a wonderful way to add value to your home and your life. Pergolas are instant gathering places and provide a beautiful boost to the exterior of your home. In order to build a pergola, of course, you will need to install the pergola posts.

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A pergola is an outdoor shade structure typically composed of four posts and a series of wooden rafters. Grow vines over a pergola, or add lattice to its top to make a shady summertime picnic area.

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How to Lay Artificial Grass. You can lay your own patch of artificial grass just like you'd put in sod, but without using any water. you can put down a layer of sand or crushed stone,

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Pergolas can be built with either slatted or solid roofs, so you can choose how much cover you need from the elements. The style of the roof depends on your climate and how you want to use the space. If you live in Arizona and want to entertain during the day, an open roof pergola just wont cast enough shade for you to feel comfortable outside.

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Nearly any garden space can host a pergola -- even a rooftop garden. If you want a pergola such as this, it just takes a little more planning. Be sure your rooftop can support the weight of the pergola -- and be sure your pergola is sturdy enough that the wind won't knock it down or give it extra support by attaching it to the roof

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4 Tips to Prepare Your Yard for an Outdoor Structure. Adding a new gazebo, pergola or pavilion to your backyard can be an exciting and rewarding experience that adds value to your home.However, careful planning is essential to ensure you enjoy your new outdoor structure for years to come.

Can Heavy Objects Damage Your Artificial Grass?

Thanks for reading. If you were concerned about whether heavy objects can damage your artificial grass, I hope this has put your mind at ease. For most heavy objects, you shouldnt have to worry, as high quality artificial grass will just bounce back up again once the heavy object is moved.

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Can you place furniture on an artificial lawn? You can place all sorts of objects on an artificial lawn, including artificial grass furniture and trampolines. Prolonged use will cause compaction in the grass so it is advisable to move the object every once in a while to allow the grass to return to vertical position.

Is it Safe to Have a Fire Pit Under a Gazebo or Pergola

So you are unsure whether it's safe to have a fire pit under a gazebo or pergola? Seen somewhere that the fire pit should be placed at least 10 feet away from the house and any structure? Yes this is good advice wood burning fire pits because of the flying embers which you can also keep contained with the use of fire

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You may read online that you can put a layer of sand between the concrete and grass to improve drainage; however, it is often the case that the sand will simply wash away over time, since it is sitting on top of a smooth, solid surface.

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So, that made me start looking for DIY pergola plans and I found so many I put together a list of 20 DIY pergolas with free plans that you can build in a weekend or less. I cant wait to get started on mine as soon as I figure out which one I want to build. Believe it or not, you can have a pergola in your backyard in under an hour

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The best part of the SunTuf corrugated roofing panels is you can attach them to an existing structure. You only need to add purlins to the existing structure to attach the panels to. So if you have ever wanted to add a roof to an existing pergola, porch or even chicken coop, you are going to want to read on.

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If you want your pergola positioned over a patio or concrete choose the second option as the Fixing Post is secured by using a hammer drill and masonry bit to drill through the hard surface and then secured using the special masonry bolts provided. If your soil is of a poor constituency you should go for the final option.

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Any ideas on outdoor flooring that can be laid right over grass. Answer 13. Answered. I'm a renter with a big backyard. I need to create an outdoor space with flooring and shade than can be removed easily if we ever decide to move. But I will say that no matter what you put down, you are going to kill the grass underneath it so perhaps

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This is especially important if your pergola will be complex enough to require engineering or a permit, but it also helps you visualize the project so you can be sure it fits with your home and landscape. Purchase supplies and cut wood. The first step in the actual construction process is to purchase, measure, and cut materials to the right